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SJ Photography


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scenic_01 Janesa Johnson fashion designer 005 Janesa Johnson fashion designer 004 Janesa Johnson fashion designer 003 Janesa Johnson fashion designer 002 Janesa Johnson fashion designer 001 Avnah Davis-Long fashion designer 004 Avnah Davis-Long fashion designer 002Avnah Davis-Long 224 _SAM5677Simone Adams Fashion Designer 235 Simone-Adams-Fashion-Designer-01allie_01 xira_01 stephano_01nathalie_05 mych_01 hunid_grand_02 chris_02 ariean_02Chris Vanigenesis_02 Avnah Davis-Long fashion designer 001America_ Americana 001 America_ Americana 153 1_self_06 1_self_05 glass 057 glass 135 glass 081 glass 037 glass 010 Blinds 273 Blinds 265 Blinds 231 Blinds 229 Blinds 223 Blinds 214 Blinds 191 Blinds 171 Blinds 155 Blinds 115 Blinds 110 silly bandz sw 03 reinhardt at southern poly 01 loose lip larry restaurant 01 leah hixon etowah sw 01 creekview softball feature 01 cherokee county girls track meet 03 canton fire followup 04 cancer feature 05 boys baseball harrison at lassiter 05Savannah & Armand Shuffler TB _SJW0416allen_gigi_03allen_gigi_01tyler_wedding_01shuffler_wedding_02_SJW0469 girls soccer kmhs at walton 01 cobb senior bowl 06 coaches invitational track meet 05 basketball boys mceachern vs central gwinnett 04 baseball liberty at ksu 02veev_01 Katy-Etulka-01 (park tavern) 024 flux_2011_samantha_wilson_01 veev_01 VEEV-products-02 VEEV-products-01 Ken-144Luxury-Managment-SCAD-014 photos-by-SJ-Photography-075outside_bw_01state wrestling in duluth 02 marietta hs football practice sw 05 jacksonville at ksu 01 boys baseball harrison at etowah 05 basketball boys mceachern vs central gwinnett 01scenic_04 psnob.com_SAM0289 psnob_01wps fc gold pride at atl beat sw 02 veterans brunch 01 uga at cobb galleria sw 02 Samantha J Photographer



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