SJ Photography

SJ Photography

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Owner of (2) Nikon D300’s SLR cameras, 17-55mm lens and 70-200mm lens, (2) 10” x 30” soft boxes, (1) 47” octobox, (3) white umbrellas, (1) silver umbrella, (1) 86″ umbrella, travel backdrops (black, white and
gray), (1) SB 910 speed light. (1) 42″ reflector, (1) 6ft tripod, (1) 6ft monopod. Professional photographer of studio & location shooting; knowledge of Elinchrom,
Alien Bee & Profoto lights.

SJP_0327 copy_edit


Morris Chestnut_SAM0120



Bar One 250

Think Like A Man 005



  1. Thanks for sharing such a rich and elegant talented website with the world. You truly are talented and it will not go unrewarded. #keep shooting; the millions are waiting for you.

  2. The retouching is amazing! Cameras make a person’s life come to life. #just a dab.

  3. The wedding photos are crisp and clear. I know you gave the bride and groom exactly what they wanted. You’re just that professional. #bride and groom

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